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 This article is about Raccoon’s in attics. It is a self help message to all of you who are afflicted with the noise, and damages Raccoon’s do in attics, and to the roof over your head.

Raccoon’s will break into attics from Feb. on in most regions of North America, and all year in the southern regions. The reason is sort of obvious to me, but I remove Raccoon’s for a living. So I  will save all the tech talk so you can keep up, and Ill do my best to get you to understand why this is happening to you, and how it affects you and your family.

A Raccoon is a strong animal, and if he wants in – He’s going in! I have seen a Raccoon go right through shingles and wood roofing material to get inside, so how we handle the Raccoon issue is important so we don’t cause the Raccoon to damage your home more by breaking back in. We don’t want to lock her inside in an effort to lock her out either. Fixing an access point should only be done after we are certain that the animals are all gone. If we lock her inside, we may have a raccoon busting through a light fixture and dropping down to visit us in our living space. Or worse yet, the Raccoon could die in the walls or attic. Not a big deal to some, until 30 pounds of rotting raccoon starts to interfere with there social life.  If it doesn’t get removed, the dead Raccoon will liquefy and ooze through the drywall, causing extensive damages! Sometimes its better to do nothing until you have seen the big picture, and weighed out the options, and made an educated decision about corrective measures.

Mother Raccoon’s: A mother Raccoon will defend the babies with her life! While you are in an attic, be sure you have an escape plan. Don’t get near the babies before you trap the mother Raccoon. If you close the access point before she gets her babies out, she will eat the roof off the home to get her babies. That’s more damage, and we want to avoid that. A mother raccoon has three or four dens selected just in case the present one goes bad. And the average Raccoon mother will move her babies if she is threatened. This process is called a Raccoon eviction, and can be done using a special blend of male Raccoon urine, and glands. It only takes about an ounce of this stuff to get the mother Raccoon to react and the success rate is in the high 90’s. If it fails, it is an older Raccoon, who has already seen and fought with everything out there, and won! She will need to be trapped, then the babies will need to be physically removed, and then the building should be Raccoon proofed. The mother Raccoon can be reunited with her babies, and all can go back to normal in your life.

Raccoon in Attic Clean up: Now we can start dealing with what has been going on in your attic as long as she was living up there. Raccoon’s use what we call a latrine. Its sort of like a cat box, without the box. They all poop and pee in the same spot, and if left to do so, will start to stain the paint and ruin drywall. Raccoon’s are likely to have Raccoon Round Worm too, and the spores from them come out in there droppings ( raccoon poop) . Raccoon Round Worm spores are airborne when disturbed and can be breathed in or get lodged into the eye, where they will become lodged, and grow. Raccoon Round Worm spores are very resilient, and the spores should be avoided by using a Hepa filter on a full face mask. A  painter outfit covering your head to toe, and rubber gloves and boots should also be worn to protect the person in the attic.

Attic Remediation: The insulation in your attic must all go, and can not be brought through the living space. A gable vent can be removed, or if worse comes to worse, a hole cut in the roof, and repaired after the attic restoration is over. Deodorizing and disinfecting can be done while there is no insulation in there with items purchased through wildlife control suppliers.

I hope this article helps you with your Raccoon issues. If you wish to choose a professional in your area to get the Raccoon’s out of your walls or attic.

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