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Raccoon Removal

  If Raccoon Removal is what your looking for, we can help!

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Raccoon babies are mobile and causing damage!

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 We are a private Wildlife Removal Company, we do not rescue injured animals or deal with domestic animal problems. Please contact your city Animal Control for these issues.

We service several areas which include:

  • Los Angeles

         Long Beach, Anaheim, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Torrance, Burbank, Hermosa Beach, Palos Verdes ect.

  • Orange County

  • San Diego County

  • Sacramento

  • Napa County

  • Marine County

  • Wisconsin

        Madison, Wisconsin Rapids, Green Bay, Lacrosse, Minocqua, Milwaukee

  • Arizona

         Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Mesa, Tempe and Desert Hills

        Raccoon Removal has become a much needed service in several areas of the United States. Due to the wild fires, floods, drought and urban development Raccoon’s and other wild animals are moving into the cities looking for food, shelter and a place to live. Raccoon’s will be attracted to your yard if you have a garden, pond containing fish, swimming pool or garbage left uncovered. Fruit trees are also a favorite because these animals are great climbers. Raccoon control is important because these animals are aggressive and very strong. Our company will have a professional trapper come and humanely trap and relocate these animals to there natural environment.

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Raccoon’s living in your attic or under your house

  It’s that time of year again! Breeding season is here and Raccoon’s have already given birth. If you discover that you have a Raccoon living in your attic or under your house this is not uncommon. Raccoon’s like to live where it is warm and dark. They are night animals so they sleep during the day. The light hurts their eyes so it has to be a dark place. Raccoon’s also like to have their babies in a attic or under a house because they want to keep the babies safe from predators and the male raccoon. The male raccoon will kill the babies to breed the female again. Our professional trapper has different ways of taking care of this problem, but will safely relocate the family to their natural environment. If you need raccoon removal call us today and our dispatcher Kim will put you in contact with a professional trapper.

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