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Raccoon Trapper
Raccoon Removal Offices


In Kansas City callĀ 785-409-6258

This location also covers Topica !

Raccoons in Kansas have been known to give home owners grief from time to time. Aside from the noise they make in walls , chimney, and attic spaces. Raccoons are a heavy animal, so they trample your insulation down to almost nothing over time. They make a stinky mess using a latrine for waste and urine, as well as tearing duct work apart and damaging wires. Not to mention the parasites that any wild animal can carry.

Raccoons are used to living in hollow trees in Kansas. It just so happens, that when a tree in the city goes hollow, it gets cut down. But the carrying capacity of the land is so great that the population of raccoons inside metro areas is usually much greater than in the urban areas. We offer them pet food and water under every porch light, as well as temp. controlled buildings to raise their pups in a comfortable environment.

Raccoons have been known to rip a hole in the roof of a house as tho it were made of paper. Sometimes called the little grizzly bear for its strength and ability to destroy things, Kansas needs to do a little cleaning up before the situation changes. A raccoon trapper in Kansas may also recommend some habitat modifications to your property before he can be sure the raccoons will stay out of your home for good.