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We are a private Wildlife Removal Company, we do not rescue injured animals. If you have a domestic animal issue please call your local City Animal Control.

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Raccoon babies are mobile!!

Raccoon Control in California has become a very important to the people that live there.  Raccoon’s are being forced out of their natural environment everyday because of fires, floods, drought and urban development in California. These animals are coming into the city looking for food, water and shelter. Raccoon’s are curious, strong, smart but very destructive animals. Citizens in California don’t realize it but raccoon control starts with them. Raccoon breeding season is here and that’s when Raccoon Control becomes very important in California! Keeping your garbage cans secured and bringing your pet food in at night is a good start. Food and water sources will make your yard inviting for wild animals such as Raccoon’s. Raccoon’s are out and about all night and sleep all day. Raccoon’s will not only destroy your yard but will break into your house and make a home for themselves and their babies. Everyday people in California will hear something in their attic and think they have a rat, but it really is a Raccoon. Raccoon’s will rip off shingles on your roof to get into your attic, they are strong and determined animals. Our company has different removal techniques for different situations with Raccoon’s. There isn’t any raccoon control situation we can’t handle. Our Raccoon Control Professional use humane traps to capture these pesty animals and then we relocate them. In some situations there is no need to use a trap, we have professional  techniques to make these animals move themselves. Our company also specializes in the cleanup of raccoon feces in your attic or under your house. It’s that time of year when female Raccoon’s are having babies in attic and under houses all over California, so don’t wait! Give us a call seven days a week for Raccoon Control and removal in California.

We have offices in:

Los Angeles – Long beach, Anaheim, Beverly Hills, Palos Verdes, Torrance – 323-238-4643

San Diego – Pacific Beach, Rancho Santa Fe, Carlsbad – 619-330-5803

Orange County 949-203-3874

Sacramento – Carmichael, Folsom, Granite Bay

Marin County

San Francisco 415-449-1982

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