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Breeding season is here and this is when the female Raccoon will begin to look for a place to have her babies and give birth. If you find that you have a family of Raccoon’s nesting in your attic or under your house, this is not uncommon. Every year early in the spring, Raccoon’s start breeding. Once the female Raccoon becomes pregnant she starts looking for a safe place to have her babies. Common places she will investigate will be attics or under houses all over Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego and the very popular city of Long beach. This is when the destruction of homes and property begins, so don’t wait call now!

Raccoon babies are mobile!!

The female Raccoon’s will pick three different places to have her babies. They are usually in a attic of a home or under a house, sometimes in a hollowed out tree in your yard. The reason she picks three of them is so if one becomes dangerous or uncomfortable for her young she has somewhere else to go. So if you find that you have an animal making noise in your attic or under the house, chances are it’s a Raccoon or a family of Raccoon’s. This happens every year in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties and the big city of Long beach. If you find Raccoon’s nesting in your attic or under the house, call us seven days a week at  800-714-8727 


We are a private Wildlife Removal company, if you are having a domestic animal problem call your city Animal Control.

We use different methods of removal to get Raccoon’s out of your attic and from under your house. First of all we do not kill these animals, we relocate the family to a rehab facility. We service ALL CITIES of Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties. If you have a Raccoon hanging around your property on a regular basis chances are she is making a nest in your attic or under your house. It is very important to respond quickly and sometimes we can get her trapped and relocated before she gives birth. Raccoons are destructive animals. Their feces also carries Round Worm which is dangerous to humans and pets. If they’re in your attic or under your house they have their own bathroom in your attic or under your house. The sooner you get them out of there the better or you will soon start to smell it.

We provide cleanup of your attic after the Raccoon’s have been removed, call today!

Call us seven days a week if you have a Raccoon issue!! 


We also provide removal of: Bats, Opossums, Snakes, Rats, Skunks, Squirrels, Coyotes and Gophers.