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Raccoons Eating My Koi

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Raccoon babies are mobile and causing damage!

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 Raccoon Behavior

As long as I have been in the Raccoon Removal world, you would think I would get used to it. But I haven’t, the caller has put so much time and energy into constructing a Koi pond, planted the beautiful aquatic vegetation, raised the fish for years, and after 3-4 years the masked bandits come in and wreck it all over night! Raccoon’s have given birth and soon will be showing their babies how to get food from your Koi pond!

  I hate to see it, but its my job to fix it. So let me share with you some of my observations which are consistent with pond owners, and Raccoons. Once you know what a Raccoon is capable of, and what he isn’t, you may make different choices in building the new pond. You may also use my knowledge of Raccoons to modify your pond before the attack, but most people wait until after the fact.

 Raccoons are strong animals who  can break through 3/4 inch plywood to get into an attic. I can’t remember how many soffits I’ve replaced after I’ve resolved a Raccoon home invasion. Fact is… if that Raccoon wants in somewhere, it will take some tough material to stop him.

 Hot Wire: I’ve used this product to stop Raccoons from getting into Koi ponds. But with small children in the area, you may not want to go this route. It gives a good jolt that will make any Raccoon choose a different grocery store. They come in solar or supplied power models.

Raccoons Like to Walk in: Its strange to see a Raccoon jump into deep water. If he can’t touch the bottom, chances are pretty good that he won’t go in. Making steep sides and at least a 4 foot drop off all around will make the Raccoon less eager to go in after Koi. And if he has to swim, without his back feet touching, he is little threat to your fish. Give your Koi a fighting chance, and somewhere to hide.

 Scare Crow: Not a bunch of clothes on a stick stuffed with hay, its a sprinkler system which is motion activated. This scarecrow will scare anything. The noise is loud enough to pose a threat to any animal! I have walked in on these by mistake and they are extremely effective.

Physical Barrier: This is the route I like to take when Raccoons are getting into small Koi ponds. I cover the entire pond with a  14 guage welded wire fence. I prefer to use one inch by one inch material, and screw it down to a wooden frame which is made to the size of the pond. It can be easily removed during the day if you wish.

 As a last resort, I will live trap the Raccoons near the pond for a period of 10 days. I normally take 5-6 Raccoons on a job like that, and the Raccoons are released far away from homes. The release should be done at least 3 miles away from houses. And the trapping should be done by a professional. We don’t want to separate any mother Raccoons from her babies. Baby Raccoons will starve without there mother. Even though we feel like the Raccoons are just a pest that caused us thousands of dollars, we must remember that they are living creatures trying to survive like the rest of us, and they mean’t nothing personal by eating your Koi.

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I really hope you like this article and it helps you before you need it, It breaks my heart to see a Raccoon wreck everything people work so hard to make something so beautiful. If you need further assistance CLICK HERE