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About Raccoons

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Female Raccoon’s are starting to give birth!

About Raccoons

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Here I would like to familiarize you with the Raccoon! There playful antics, and personality is something to share with children as they forage for grubs and play in bird baths. But keep your distance from them, as the mother Raccoon is extremely protective of her young! Raccoon’s show little fear when they run into a human.

A Raccoon is an animal that prefers dim light or darkness. There eyes are adapted to low light conditions, and bright sunlight will hurt its eyes. A Raccoon will actually hide its eyes if the sun comes out and is too bright. If you see a Raccoon outside on a sunny day, don’t go near it! It is not acting normally, and could be sick!

A Raccoon is a medium sized animal found in North America. She gets as big as 50 pounds in some areas, and live as long as 12 years, although the average is 6 years. The female Raccoon can have Baby Raccoon’s after she is a year old, and has an average litter of 4 baby Raccoon’s. She will have her babies in a hole in the ground, or a hollow tree, or in an attic of a home where she has been on the roof! Raccoon’s like to climb on roofs and play in trees like monkeys. Most times they will climb tree branches to get on a roof, but sometimes they will climb a support pole, or a gutter down spout to get there.  Feeding Raccoon’s can be fun to watch, but may not be such a good idea in the city. Neighbors may blame you for them having a Raccoon in an attic. So, make sure before you feed Raccoon’s that your neighbors are alright with it. This kind of behavior is found in several places such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Long Beach, Orange county and Phoenix. We service ALL CITIES of these areas. Call us today!


Raccoon in Attic


Raccoon’s in attics will poop and pee all over insulation, and require all insulation to be removed and disinfect, and deodorized. Costing thousands of dollars

Raccoon’s can get sick, and do carry parasites that you can pick up too. Fleas, ticks, and lice can get picked up from Raccoon’s! Raccoon round worm is an intestinal parasite which Raccoon’s can pass to people. Raccoon Roundworm spores are in the poop of a raccoon (we call them raccoon droppings)   These spores can be dried in the raccoon droppings, and blow with the wind when disturbed. It can got into your eye, or lungs, then incubate into a worm!

Pet Raccoon’s The idea of having a pet raccoon some look forward to realizing. But the truth is, that Raccoon’s are wild animals. They should be left in the wild. A sick or injured raccoon should be cared for by a rehabilitator with a license issued by the state. Raccoon’s need to be dewormed and have shots to protect from distemper and rabies.

Raccoon Cage


Raccoon Roundworm spores
Raccoon on a Roof

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