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Female Raccoon’s are starting to give birth!


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One Way Door System

My one way door system is a terrific way to get Raccoon’s out of attic spaces. I recommend that you buy my E-Book prior to diving in on the project. The book is full of sources of tools, materials, traps, lure, bait, and tips and tricks, photos, and videos I have gathered over the past 15 years as an Animal Damage Control Agent.  I dispel myths, and give food for thought which will make you a better raccoon removal person than most before you ever set a trap, or put a ladder on a house.

The doors on this page are made of hard wire. 16 gauge, galvanized, welded wire made so you can fold them and carry several without damaging them. It is the same doors I use for skunks with a 6 inch X6 inch opening to  allow the Raccoon out of the home, and not back into the home.

My raccoon One Way Doors are made in my shop, and I use them every day. Now you can use the same equipment the pros use!