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Raccoon Removal in Arizona. Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Mesa, Tempe, Desert Hills, and Phoenix!


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Female Raccoon’s are starting to give birth!

We are a private Wildlife Removal company, we are NOT a animal rescue or non-profit organization, if you have a domestic animal issue please call your city Animal Control.

 Raccoon Behavior

Raccoon’s are pretty stubborn animals. It’s easier to change things and avoid having them than to get rid of them. Pick up fallen fruit from trees in the yard. Be sure the home you live in is in good repair. Trim trees away from roof lines. Don’t feed or water dogs or cats outside at night. That’s a good start! Now, chances are that you found this site because you already have Raccoon’s, and need to get rid of them. Read on!

Raccoon on Roof

 He got on the roof some how right? Once he’s down from there, look for the way he used, and take it away. ( Remember the tree trimming?)

Raccoon Digging

 Raccoon’s dig in lawns for different reasons. Usually to get at the grubs under the sod. Because the Raccoon is an Omnivore, they do enjoy a tasty worm. This situation will require electric fencing, or traps. I prefer humane cage trapping myself.

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Raccoon in Garbage

 A Raccoon get into garbage for one reason. He is hungry, and the can you use to keep your garbage in is easier to get into than the neighbors garbage can. Get a nice tight fitting lid, and use bunji cords to hold the lids tightly.

Are Raccoon’s Dangerous?

 A mother Raccoon will attack to protect her young. They will also protect territory and food. A Raccoon is a strong animal, and can kill predators three times there size. Besides that, they Carry pests which can kill you and your dog or cat, such as Raccoon Round Worm.

Raccoon Poop

 Raccoon Poop can be identified by the size of the dropping, which is roughly the size of the dropping from a similar sized dog. It is usually dark in color, and has the hulls from seeds visible in it. Unknown to most people, the dropping usually has spores from Round Worm in it. This worm is transmittable to domestic animals, and humans!

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Raccoon Removal in Arizona. Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Mesa, Tempe, Desert Hills, and Phoenix!

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