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Raccoon babies are mobile and causing damage! 

Raccoon Behavior

Raccoon Control has become a much needed service in the San Diego area. Raccoon’s have already given birth and the babies will be mobile soon and causing more problems. We get calls everyday because Raccoon’s are tearing up yards and causing problems for the citizens in San Diego. Raccoon’s are attracted to your yard for many reasons. If you have a garden full of fruits and vegetables this is a Raccoon’s delight. They will clean out and destroy a garden overnight. Raccoon’s also are attracted to ponds containing fish, which they love to eat. Garbage that is left uncovered will also draw in a hungry Raccoon. These animals are aggressive and can cause lots of damage to your home and property in San Diego! Our company specializes in Raccoon Control. Our  Raccoon Removal Professional will come out and set humane traps to trap and remove these pesty animals.

Raccoon Removal

Our company specializes in several areas of Raccoon Removal in San Diego. If you have Raccoon’s tearing up your yard, our Professional Raccoon Trapper will trap and relocate them to their natural environment. If you have a Raccoon in the attic with babies we can remove and relocate them as well. Female Raccoon’s like to have their babies in attics to keep them warm, dry and safe from predators and the male Raccoon. Our Raccoon Removal Professional can do a process known as a eviction. This involves spreading the scent of a male Raccoon to scare the female Raccoon and she will move the babies to a different location herself. The male Raccoon will kill the babies to breed the female again. If the babies are too big for the mother Raccoon to move herself, the Raccoon Trapper will trap the mother Raccoon and physically remove the babies. Either way we will get them out of your attic without killing them. Our company also does attic clean outs and restoration from the feces that the Raccoon’s leave behind. Give us a call today for Raccoon Removal in San Diego. Our dispatcher Kim, will put you in contact with a Raccoon Removal Professional. Our company does Raccoon Removal seven days a week!

We are a private Wildlife Removal company, we are NOT a animal rescue or non-profit organization, if you have a domestic animal issue please call your city Animal Control.



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