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Raccoon Trapper
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New York

New your is called by some, the city that never sleeps, but actually there are people in Rural New York who never sleep as well. When a mother raccoon has a litter of pups in the walls, attic, or chimney of your home the music never stops! Baby raccoons miss the warmth of the mother and start crying……then it gets louder the longer she stays out getting food for herself and life saving water so she can feed as many as 6 pups. All the while, each of them are pooping and peeing where ever the nest is. They are sort of like cats in New York, as they all poop and pee in the same spot, until the drywall sags, and eventually falls. Yellowish brown stains in the ceiling will tell you exactly where they are in case you are hearing impaired.

The state of New York has 20 million people living in it, and some people will surely find it strange that wild animals can be found there. But we offer them everything they need to survive, so why wouldn’t they be there? They like eating our left overs out of a garbage can, and chowing down on dog food is a close second to them. We provide raccoons in New York with water, and shelter as well as a ┬ácontrolled environment to fend off the heat in the summer, and the cold in the winter. Have a look around at the about raccoons page if you would like to learn more about New York Raccoons!