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Raccoon in Attic Yonkers

  If you live in Yonkers and are hearing noises in your attic, we can help! We provide humane removal of Raccoon’s in Attics!

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Female Raccoon’s are starting to give birth!

     Raccoon’s are being sighted more and more in the city of Yonkers, New York. Raccoon’s come to the city looking for food, water and shelter. This is usually caused because something has made their natural environment unlivable. Raccoon’s are very strong and destructive animals. They may look cute but are mean and carry disease that is harmful to people and pets in the city of Yonkers. When a Raccoon is looking for a place to make it’s home, it is common for them to choose a attic of a home. In the late winter the Raccoon’s will begin breeding. This is when the trouble starts for the citizens of Yonkers. The female Raccoon will choose 2 or 3 places to have her babies. She does this so if one place becomes dangerous she already has another spot to move them to. The nesting spot has to be warm, dry and safe from predators, what better place then your attic of your home in Yonkers! Keeping your tree branches trimmed and away from your house will help a lot. Raccoon’s are excellent climbers. Once they are able to get on your roof, the Raccoon will rip a hole in your roof to get in. Raccoon’s are strong and can rip off the shingles on your roof! Another common place they like to break in is your soffets of your home in Yonkers. Once the female Raccoon has given birth, she will raise her babies in your attic for about the next 6 months. Raccoon’s will move your insulation around and urinate and poop all over causing your attic to stink. Our company will remove the Raccoon’s from your attic and replace your insulation and disinfect and deodorize. So if you are having issues with Raccoon’s in Yonkers, give us a call today!



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