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Female Raccoon’s are starting to give birth!

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Raccoon’s in Fort Bend County can cause major issues in lawns, attics, and in chicken houses all over! Resolving Raccoon issues can be nerve wracking without knowing how to trap them. Most of the Raccoon Removal Professionals in Fort Bend County have trapped Raccoon’s since childhood, and it is second nature to them. It all begins with a phone call to one of them, and describe the problem to them. Every job is different, and the resolution is also different.

Trapping Raccoon’s in Fort Bend County can resolve any issue, but may not be what works best. We wouldn’t want to trap a mother Raccoon if the baby Raccoon’s are too small to leave the attic on there own. That would be inhumane and leave a terrible smell in your home.

Raccoon Removal in Fort Bend County homes has many angles to choose from. Trapping is effective, but a wildlife inspection will tell if there are pups or not. A mother Raccoon in Fort Bend County will leave the building on her own, and take her babies with her if they are small, just by putting the scent of a male Raccoon near her nest. The male Raccoons are a threat to the baby Raccoons, and will kill them if he has to in order to breed again. Within 3-4 days the building should be Raccoon proofed, or she will be back.

When Raccoons are not breeding in Fort Bend County, we may elect to use a one way device. That way all the Raccoons in the attic can get out, and not back in without stressing you or the Raccoon out. (They make alot of noise when they are in a cage trap) After they get caught, they cry and chatter all night long keeping you awake.

Trapping Raccoons in Fort Bend County is also needed if they raid your dog food bowls, or start tearing up your lawn! The pesky little banditos will destroy a yard in no time searching for grubs. A cage trap with the right bait will end your troubles with a Fort Bend County Raccoon in just a few days!

Raccoons in Fort Bend County can be a health risk! Raccoon Round Worm, Rabies, Distemper are just a few. The CDC website will tell you all about the dangers of Raccoons in Fort Bend County.

We service all cities in Fort Bend County:

Arcola, Arcola Junction, Beasley, Cino Ranch, Cumings, Dewalt, Fairchilds, Fifth Street, First Colony, Four Corners, Fresno, Fulshear, Greatwood, Herbert, Kendleton, Meadows Place, Mission Bend, Missouri City, Needville, New Territory, Orchard, Paynes, Pecan Grove, Pleak, Pleasant Hill, Richmond, Rosnberg, Sienna Plantation, Simonton, Smada, Stafford, Sugar Land, Thompsons, Trammels, Weston Lakes

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