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Raccoon Trapper
Raccoon Removal Offices

Jackson County

Raccoon Removal is more than trapping a raccoon for a customer. I have been in the business for 15 years now, and those days of setting a trap by a house are few and far between. The need sometimes arises, when we have a population reduction issue, but most of my work intales removing raccoons from attic, or wall spaces. I target the specific animal which is causing the problems. Then I raccoon proof the home, so the next masked bandit doesnt find himself living there.

But Raccoons aren’t all we work with! Click over to one of our other sites if these animals are also an issue!



Using the knowlage of raccoons I have gained since I began fur trapping in 1974, at the age of 9, I can usually get a mother raccoon and her pups out of your home without actually catching any. This makes the home owner happy, so they dont have to be the “Killer by proxy”

I also restore attic spaces which the raccoons have soined with droppings and urine. After removing the insulation, and raccoon droppings, I disinfect, deoderise, and instal new insulation. All of this is done wearing personal protection equipment so I dont get affected by the spores of round worm, which is prevalant in raccoon feces.