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Raccoons in attic calls from all over Milwaukee are pouring in. Its the start of the spring break in season. If you didn’t hear the Raccoons breaking in your roof, you will sure hear the babies! If you hear loud foot steps in your attic, don’t call a priest, its not a ghost.

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Female Raccoon’s have started to give birth!

We get these calls all the time, and know just how to get Raccoon’s out of an attic in Milwaukee. Usually within 12 hours the animal goes through a device we install on the opening we locate. This device is what I call a one way door. It only opens in the out position. When the Raccoon comes back it cant open the door.

Later in the season we don’t want the babies to be stranded without the mother, so we shift gears to the Raccoon eviction process. Here we spread the scent of a male Raccoon in the attic. The mother wants no male Raccoon near the nest, as he will surely kill the babies so she can be bread again. She will take the babies to the next den she had selected prior to giving birth. All dens will be close to food and water.

Food for a Raccoon could mean anything. I’ve seen them eat eggs, birds, rodents, fruit, amphibians, grain, and of course, dog food, cat food, and bird food.

Water doesn’t always have to be in the form of a lake or stream. It can be a swimming pool, fish pond, or bird bath. Animals have a way of improvising don’t they? They even made a hollow tree out of your attic… now how is that for using an imagination?

We service the entire Milwaukee county area, including

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Fox Point
Hales Corners
MilwaukeeOak Creek
River Hills
Saint Francis
Saint Martins
ShorewoodSouth Milwaukee
West Allis
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West Milwaukee
Whitefish BaySo, If you are in need of raccoon removal from your walls or attic, or the ones tearing your lawn up at night, or tipping your garbage cans over at night, give us a call and lets get rid of that raccoon for ya!  Oh, by the way, GO PACKERS!!!