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Green Bay

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Female Raccoon’s are starting to give birth!

Raccoon Removal in Green bay is nothing new to us here! Everyone wonders how Raccoon’s get in an attic, inside soffits, and in walls of there home. Why Raccoon’s get in houses, and aren’t the Raccoon’s supposed to be afraid of people? Call us now, and I’ll explain it to you.

Raccoon’s in the wild are scared of anything new. Be it people, dogs, gunshots, you name it, if they don’t know what it is, they are scared of it. But in the city people aren’t so out of the ordinary. Houses are everywhere, and there is heat in the attic. To the Raccoon it is just a fancy hollow tree.

But the Raccoon wont bother to break in homes unless there’s a reason for it. A female Raccoon wants to give birth to Raccoon litters near the food and water. If you don’t want to worry about your lawn being a feeding area for Raccoon’s, you can start with the garbage. Keep it in cans with locking lids.

Bird feeders are good chow for any Raccoon, as they don’t mind eating grain.

Some of the biggest problems in feeding Raccoon’s is when people feed dogs and cats outside. STOP DOING THAT! The Raccoon’s love it. If you don’t feed them, they will go away. Raccoon’s also eat bird eggs, small animals, and frogs and shellfish, but none of that should be of concern to you, as you cant control that food source.

Now be sure to cut off any water supply for them. That includes pools, bird baths, and small ponds.

We service the following cities of Brown County including Green Bay

Bay Settlement
Chapel Ridge
De Pere
Langes Corners
Little Rapids
Mill Center
New Franken
Pine Grove
Sugar Bush
West De Pere
A and V Terrace Gardens
Camelot Terrace
Coppens Corner
GlenmoreHobart MH Park
North Baird MH Park
Olympic Village
Red Banks
River View MH ParkDuck Creek
DyckesvilleEdgewater Beach
Elm Tree Corners
Green Bay
Haevers CornersHobart


Raccoon Removal in Green Bay should be done by professionals. Its just a good idea because a botched Raccoon job could cause bigger problems than you already have.


Raccoons Eating my Cats Food

Anytime Animal Control

Female Raccoon’s are starting to give birth!

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I hear about it all the time, the phone rings with a customer telling me how a Raccoon has been stealing there cats food from the porch. Fact is, that when the food is outside, its everyone’s food that lives in the outdoors. And even though you may live in the city, the same rules apply as do in the wild.

Survival of the fittest: Sad but true, only the fittest or fastest get to eat in the wild. It doesn’t mean that your kitty has to starve though because there are options, and you hold the key to resolving this issue. Raccoon’s are nocturnal animals, the sunlight on a bright day will actually hurt there eyes, because they are adapted to low light conditions. Your cat may go toe to toe with a Raccoon over a bowl of food, but she may get seriously hurt, or killed! Raccoon’s have been known to kill dogs twice there size when threatened.

Feed in the Day Time: Its alright to feed a cat outdoors, just don’t do it when the Raccoon’s are active. Seeing as the Raccoon’s come out of hiding right around dusk, that’s when the food bowls should come inside.

How to tell: How do you know if a raccoon has been eating your cats? I have an answer for everything, All you need to do is put a pie pan full of water near the food. Raccoon’s can’t resist putting food and there hands in in the water. In the morning if the water in the pan is muddy… that’s a Raccoon eating your cats food!

Is it alright if they share?: Well, no… its not. Like I said before, Raccoon’s are armed to fight pretty well. There’s no need to find out if your cat will win in a fight with a raccoon. And there are other dangers that a Raccoon in the area will pose to your cat. Rabies, distemper, and parasites which could all be transmitted to your cat, could have lethal results. You wouldn’t park your car in a tow zone, and you wouldn’t touch something if there were a WET PAINT sign would you? Well sometimes the sign isn’t spelled out so plainly, but if you know you have Raccoon’s eating your cats food, do something about it right away. If you feed outside, be sure to wash the cat bowls out with bleach every day before filling the bowl again.

Trapping Raccoon’s: In a situation where the Raccoon must be removed, be sure to call a professional trapper. There are several reasons for this, and I’ll go into it a little here. The Raccoon here on the porch could be a mother raccoon with young waiting for her to return. If you can see the nipples on a Raccoon, she has babies which will surely starve without her. Although we feel invaded with her eating our cats food, its just a Raccoon doing what Raccoon’s do.

Raccoon’s Entering Cat Doors: Well, your cat learned how to use the doors, and now, so did the Raccoon’s. There is a cat door out there called a PET SAFE DOOR. It stays locked until the cat is close to it with a transmitter on its collar. Then it locks again when the cat passes threw it. Wonderful idea for cat owners who let there cats outside. I have had calls from people who would get Raccoon’s raiding there kitchens at night! They cause one heck of a mess, and to be honest with you, that is a dangerous situation.