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San Diego

Raccoon’s in San Diego get loud in attics. They are aggressive and destructive animals that can cause damage to your home and property in San Diego, Call us today for affordable Raccoon Removal!

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Raccoon problems??

 Raccoon digging for food

We are a private Wildlife Removal company, we are NOT a animal rescue or non-profit organization, if you have a domestic animal issue please call your city Animal Control.

We provide San Diego with emergency Raccoon Removal 24/7 and are happy to be your humane source of Raccoon issue resolution. This is the time of year when Raccoon’s are giving birth and become very destructive!!

Female Raccoon’s are having babies in attics or under houses all over San Diego County! Females will make a hole in your roof to get in. These animals should not be under estimated, they are very strong and can climb almost anything to get into your attic. We also clean up the mess the Raccoon’s left behind! Raccoon’s poop and pee all over insulation in attics and pose a very real health risk. Check out Raccoon poop at . Female Raccoon’s are now giving birth in attics all over San Diego, so don’t wait call us now!!

Call us toll free for affordable Raccoon Removal in all cities of San Diego!

Masked Bandit

We are a paid private Wildlife Removal company, we DO NOT handle domestic animal issues. If you are having a dog issue please contact your City Animal Control.


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We service the following areas in San Diego County:

Carlsbad, Chula Vista, Coronado, Del Mar, El Cajon, Ensinitas, Cardiff by the Sea, Leucadia, Olivenhain, Escondido, Imperial Beach, La Mesa, Leamon Grove, National City, Oceanside, San Luis Rey, Poway, San Diego, San Marcos, Santee, Solana Beach, Vista, 4 S Ranch, Alpine, Barrett, Bonita, Bonsall, Borrego Springs, Bostonia, Boulevard, Campo, Cane Break, Casa De Oro, Mount Helix, Crest, Cuyamaca, Dehesa, De Luz, Eucalyptus Hills, Fairbanks Ranch, Fallbrook, Granite Hills, Guatay, Harbison Canyon, Hidden Meadows, Jucumba, Julian, La Pressa, Lake Morena, Lake San Marcos, Lakeside, Lincoln Acres, Live Oak Springs, Mount Laguna, Pine Hills, Pine Valley, Potrero, Rainbow, Ramona, Ranchita, Rancho San Diego, Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego Country Estates, San Elijo Hills, Santa Ysabel, Shelter Valley, Spring Valley, Tecate, Tierra Del Sol, Valley Center, Vallecitos, Warner Springs, Winter Gardens

 We service the following zip codes in San Diego County:

92008, 92009, 92010, 92011, 92013, 92018, 92085, 92084, 92083 92081, 92075, 92023, 92024, 92025, 92026, 92027, 92029, 92030,  92033, 92046, 92178, 92179, 92182, 92184, 92186, 92187
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92102, 92103, 92104, 92105, 92106, 92107, 92108, 92109, 92049, 92051, 92052, 92053, 92054, 92055, 92065, 92057, 92058


Raccoons in San Diego get loud in attics. They make scratching noises and bump arround while barking and huffing heavy breathing noises. Most anoying to the average person, keeping them awake all night long! 


Raccoon in Chimney or Fireplace- Raccoon in a Chimney or Fireplace in Madison, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Chicago, St Louis

If you have a Raccoon in your Chimney or Fireplace, chances are she intends to stay until her young are grown. Raccoon’s everywhere are selecting dens. I have field operators in Los Angeles, San Diego, St. Louis, Green Bay, Milwaukee, Madison, Sacramento and Phoenix. All are having the same problem, as they do every year.

Anytime Animal Control

Call Us Toll Free Anytime!


Female Raccoon’s are starting to give birth!

How they found there way, and why they chose your house is a little more complicated. Tree branches are a good place to start. Keep them trimmed away from your home, and the animals have no ladder to get there. But that wont stop a gutter climbing raccoon. In the back of the big picture, a raccoon probably ripped the chimney cap off, like it was just some branches in his way. They don’t get the name little grizzly bear for nothing! They are destructive and strong animals..


Raccoon climbing to roof


Stop feeding things around your house! Dog food is a biggie, and so are sources of water. But bird feeders are a good one and so are garbage cans. So we got to eliminate food sources.

Get a wildlife professional out to fix the issue. They will get the Raccoon to move her babies and install a heavy duty chimney cap. One that even a pregnant Raccoon can’t budge!

If you have a Raccoon in your chimney or fireplace, chances are she intends to stay until her young are grown. Raccoon’s everywhere are selecting dens. I have field operators in Los Angeles, San Diego, St. Louis, Chicago, Green Bay, Milwaukee, Madison, and Phoenix. All are having the same problem, as they do every year.