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Anytime Animal Control – Animal In Attic – Removal ~ San Francisco 415-449-1982

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Anytime Animal Control

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 We also clean up attics after the animals have been removed!

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Raccoon babies are mobile and causing problems!!!

         Female Raccoon’s have given birth again in San Francisco and this is the time of year that animals are looking for safe places to have their babies. This time of year it’s very important to get these animals removed before they have babies, before more damage happens to your property in San Francisco. Raccoon’s, Opossums and Rats are the most common animals that you will find living in your attic in San Francisco. This time of year is when the destruction and noises in the attic begins for the citizens of San Francisco. Our company provides affordable removal of these types of animals from attics. We also provide the cleanup and disinfection of your attic in all cities of Maricopa. These animals will break in to your attic to have their babies causing damage to your insulation and can even chew your wiring causing a fire! If you are hearing noises in your attic call us right away before your attic becomes damaged. We can humanely remove Raccoons, Opossums and Rats from your attic using more than just traps. We have developed a one – way door system which works just as good as traps but without the per animal fee! Our company will also give you a warranty with the removal of these animals from your attic. If you spot these animals on your roof, chances are they are living inside your roof or attic. This is a good time to call a animal removal professional before your attic in San Francisco is destroyed! Animals are breeding this time of year so don’t wait, get that animal removed from your attic now! Our company also provides the removal of the animals feces and we will replace your insulation after we disinfect your attic in San Francisco. Most insurance companies will cover the cleanup of your attic after the animals have been removed!

We also service San Hose, Marin and San Mateo Counties!

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We are a private Wildlife Removal Company, we do not rescue injured animals. If you have a domestic animal issue please call your local City Animal Control.

We also provide removal of Bats, Skunks, Snakes, Wild Cats, Opossums, Birds and Rodents.

Animal Running in My Attic


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Anytime Animal Control


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Raccoon’s in Los Angeles will run branches like a ladder to get on your roof. Once they get there, its only a matter of time before they start chewing on wood and removing siding and roofing to get in. This is the time of year that female Raccoon’s are having their babies in attics all over Los Angeles, so don’t wait until the damage gets worse in your home! Call us today and talk to a Raccoon Removal Professional and get a FREE price quote!

Damage Raccoon’s Do:

Raccoon’s in Los Angeles attics chew wires and wood all day long while inside, and start breeding in mid Feb. Then around the middle of March the baby Raccoon’s are born… in your attic. Now you have 6-8 more Raccoon’s to deal with, and every one of them wants to chew wires and wood. Not to mention all the poop and pee in your insulation! While chewing wires in your attic, sometimes the electric shock kills Raccoon’s. Other times, the Raccoon escapes and the house burns down.

Raccoon Poison: Raccoon poison isn’t the way to go in Los Angeles, California because the Raccoon’s die inside the attic or walls and cause a dead animal smell which is unbearable. Dead animal smell in the walls of a house in Los Angeles is only going to get worse until the dead animal is fully decayed, which may take 2 weeks!

Raccoon Trap: We use humane traps in Los Angeles, California. A Raccoon trap should be made out of metal or PVC. because Raccoon’s can chew out of a cheep Raccoon trap. Some other companies in Los Angeles use a lethal Raccoon trap designed to snap the Raccoon’s neck when he activates it. Still other Raccoon traps are designed to electrocute the Raccoon when it goes inside.

Raccoon Noises I have been in a lot of houses with Raccoon’s in attic, and I’ve heard lots of noises they make. Running noises, scampering noises, barking noises, scratching noises, and the sounds of little claws running from one side to the other.

Scratching Noise in Attic  If you are hearing scratching noises in your attic in Los Angeles, chances are good that you have some type of animal living there!

Female Raccoon’s are starting to give birth!


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