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St. Augustine

St. Augustine

 The Raccoon in the attic call gets our team moving in your direction with Emergency Raccoon Removal from your home in St. Augustine Florida! Help is just a phone call away!

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Female Raccoon’s are starting to give birth!

Raccoon’s in St. Augustine Fl. can be tough customers when they get into your homes attic and walls! they make a bumping noise when walking, and the baby Raccoon’s make a sort of crying, chattering noise or sound when they are attacked or just miss there mother.

A male Raccoon will kill baby Raccoon’s when they come in contact with them. The whole purpose is to breed the mother again. Male Raccoon’s have no part in raising the young. Male Raccoon’s also have large territories, often visiting the same area only 4-5 times a month. Female Raccoon’s want to stay close to home with the young. She chooses 3-4 dens close to food and water so her grocery store is always close by. If its a female Raccoon in your attic, you hear her every night.

The Real problem with Raccoon’s in an attic in St. Augustine is that they make a giant litter box out of your attic! Go on up there and see what it smells like, and you might think about lighting a match! The smell isn’t the worst part though. Eggs from intestinal parasites can be inhaled or ingested and grow inside YOU! So maybe you better rethink going up there, and call someone who knows what they are doing.

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For Emergancy Raccoon Removal in St Augustine FL. call  904-284-4694  24/7 for Raccoons in attic or in house.

A Raccoon in a tree  is not an emergancy, please call  9-5 Monday – Friday